It’s a woeful age indeed…



And, it’s mother’s days tomorrow…. every year I get a card thoughtfully reminding me of my exact age….
Still maybe there will be choccies’n flowers as well, hooray!!  (Have to mention that just in case any stray children or the positive thinking police stop by this blog….)

Life advice from Bluna. Advice No 1: When in doubt, run!

Digging around in my old sketchbooks recently to prepare a show, I was amazed to come across some old drawings.  The whole cartoon thing has been incubating for much longer than I realised…   I don’t know about you, but  I love peeking in other artist’s sketchbooks, so here’s a peek in mine.
I’ve just finished reading Stephanie Calman’s Confession of a Failed Grown-up, which I found hilarious if horribly truthful.    Not by chance she’s also the daughter of another of one of my favourite cartoonists, Mel Calman.  As far as my sketches are concerned, I am most definitely not grown-up!
Like so many things, looks better unfinished and sounds better in French ?
And here’s the finished etching from the Bluna “Life Advice” series that went with it, available from