Every cloud has a silver lining.

I’m a great believer in there being two (or more) sides to every debate;  I could even, with a good dollop of persuasive sophistry, come round to the view that our esteemed UK education secretary Michael Gove may not be so off his rocker after all.  In the interests of equality, why shouldn’t  all UK children  have the same access to a  classical education  (and emotional dysfunctionality)  that is still the preserve of the privileged classes?  Open the flood gates!
I’m sure we could all benefit from a smattering of Ciceronian oratorical and debating skills.  How useful in modern family life is the well-timed  rhetorical question.   My suitcase is so bursting with these questions (not answers, please note),  it’s heavy enough to sink the Titanic all over again, should it ever be raised.   And as for all those future HMH’s who are either forced out of the labour market by crippling childcare costs or in pay neutral work, at least they will be able to voice their complaints in Latin…


(approximate translation: What are those socks doing in the toilet?)