The second law of goose-chase dynamics

The second law of goose-chase dynamics

As with any-one who goes off on a wild anything-chase, there’s an unavoidable tendency to finish up down a rabbit-hole.  And Cass was no exception to this rule…

When she wakes up she finds herself somewhere entirely different from where she thought she might be…


Cass and Edmund… so what happens next?

Cass and Edmund… so what happens next?

Just in case anyone was wondering what had happened to our heroine Cass after a longer than intended absence, rest assured, the story most definitely  continues…

Bluna’s Goggle-box


Happy 2017 everyone.  With the inauguration of the recent US President Trump,  reality TV has certainly taken on a whole new dimension…   With apologies to any chimpanzees who might be offended by this comparison…

With thanks to Marina Hyde of the Guardian, whose article this week (commenting on  male chimpanzee behaviour ) gave me the idea for this cartoon.

After the Dragonflies !

After the Dragonflies !

Another page of Cass and Edmund completed today!  Cass and Professor Gilagesh set out down river  to find the dragonflies …

I thought I would post  a couple of preliminary sketches for one of the panels just for the record.  I had difficulty deciding on the colour of the canoe!  If the final colour scheme resembles  the French flag’s bleu, blanc, rouge, this wasn’t intentional – consciously at least !  I was thinking of what would work best with the  pages to come (without giving away too many secrets!).


HMH Bluna is currently engaged on a Graphic Novel marathon.

Cass and Edmund tells the story of a young girl called Cass who goes chasing dragonflies, but finds something else entirely…

Here’s HMH Bluna settling into the flow:


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