Life advice from Bluna. Advice No 1: When in doubt, run!

Digging around in my old sketchbooks recently to prepare a show, I was amazed to come across some old drawings.  The whole cartoon thing has been incubating for much longer than I realised…   I don’t know about you, but  I love peeking in other artist’s sketchbooks, so here’s a peek in mine.
I’ve just finished reading Stephanie Calman’s Confession of a Failed Grown-up, which I found hilarious if horribly truthful.    Not by chance she’s also the daughter of another of one of my favourite cartoonists, Mel Calman.  As far as my sketches are concerned, I am most definitely not grown-up!
Like so many things, looks better unfinished and sounds better in French ?
And here’s the finished etching from the Bluna “Life Advice” series that went with it, available from



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