Life advice from Bluna. Advice No 1: When in doubt, run!

Digging around in my old sketchbooks recently to prepare a show, I was amazed to come across some old drawings.  The whole cartoon thing has been incubating for much longer than I realised…   I don’t know about you, but  I love peeking in other artist’s sketchbooks, so here’s a peek in mine.
I’ve just finished reading Stephanie Calman’s Confession of a Failed Grown-up, which I found hilarious if horribly truthful.    Not by chance she’s also the daughter of another of one of my favourite cartoonists, Mel Calman.  As far as my sketches are concerned, I am most definitely not grown-up!
Like so many things, looks better unfinished and sounds better in French ?
And here’s the finished etching from the Bluna “Life Advice” series that went with it, available from


Ronald Searle, Encore! Encore!

Now the great Ronald Searle is with the immortals, in the land flowing with Bollinger and Mumm ….


Click here to read about Ronald Searle and his wife Monica,  two incredible people who survived against the odds.   Searle survived notorious Japanese POW camps  during the Second World War  and Monica treatment for Breast Cancer in the 1960’s.
My guess is his Cats and other artworks will outlive us all…
Ars longa, vita brevis.

In the land flowing with Bollinger & Mumm

I  like to think of  Mr and Mrs Mole together again among the stars…


If you don’t already  know them, here’s a link to check out some of the wonderful drawings Ronald Searle made for his wife Monica as she underwent chemotherapy for a rare cancer.

Les Tres Riches Heures de Mrs Mole


Now Ronald Searle is with the Immortals


The French awarded Ronald Searle the Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur, the highest honour of the French state, usually reserved for French nationals only…  while the English establishment treated  the country’s greatest graphic artist much less generously…
Not that he probably cared.  Still, it’s kinda revealing, n’est-ce pas?
Anyway, in my book, he’s up there with Goya.   Would so loved to have had his take on all the latest crazy educational offerings from Michael Gove.



Lament for Ronald Searle

We in the U.K. have this  “Minister for Education”  who goes by the name of Michael Gove, or Meddling Michael as I prefer to  call him.   He is probably the most unpopular education secretary in living memory and seems to have antagonised more people than there are grains of sand in the sea.
So now he’s decided all schools should teach Latin and Greek.  No matter there’s no qualified teachers or funding to train them.
I await with eager anticipation  the next instalment from Meddling Michael, but oh, how I wish  Ronald Searle was alive.   He told it how it was.

For those of you not blessed with living (or having children at school)  in the pleasant  green  (and wet) British Isles at this moment in time, you may just wish to  shake your heads in puzzlement and click away from this page.  If  you haven’t the faintest idea what I am going on about, lucky you is all I can say.   Let me know if the grass is greener where you live and I’ll pack my bags.