FRENCH ONION SOUP | Recipes | Nigella Lawson

 No Bluna cartoon today folks, back tomorrow, I promise.  It’s been a free range day … out of the coop and all the way to the chick’s school parents’ meeting to discover what new torture H.M. Gov. is doling out for chicks and teachers alike….
Thought instead I’d share my own twist on this  traditional French  New Year pick-me-up  from my favourite  domestic goddess, the current hot topic, HMH Nigella herself.
Suggested cooking music:
1 kilogram onions (small ones),
50 grams unsalted butter
2 teaspoons flour
12 slices baguette (toasted)
200 grams Gruyere cheese (grated)
Peel and slice the onions. If you use the small, powerful ones they’ll make you cry. Tip: peel them under running water.
In a stainless steel pot, heat the butter until it melts and add the onions. No salt, no pepper, nothing else. Put a lid on and let them sweat at medium low for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. You do not want them to burn or the soup is ruined.
Meanwhile put 1.5l of water in another pot and slowly bring it to the boil.
After the first 10 minutes, take the lid off and continue cooking the onions until they are brown and caramelised. Stir often to caramelise them evenly and make sure to scrape the bottom of the pot to keep anything from burning.
After about 20-60 minutes they should be dark brown, caramelised and about 20% of their original volume. Add the flour and stir quickly to keep it from sticking. After minute or so, add a ladle or 2 of the boiling water and continue stirring. Once integrated add the rest of the water. Simmer the soup until it has reduced by about 1/4. Taste it and add salt and pepper to adjust the seasoning.
Distribute the soup into 4 oven-proof bowls. Float 3 slices of toasted baguette on top of each bowl and divide the cheese evenly. Melt the cheese under the grill until bubbly. Serve right away.

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