New Year Resolutions

A familiar sense of foreboding is upon me as the days creep round…. It’s THAT day again.  I only have to pay an annual visit to my dearly departed dashed hopes and the hand on my throat tightens.  There is no self -help book on this planet, or any other, discovered or yet to be discovered that will console me. I know! For I am Bluna (H.M.H.)
I am suffocating!!  Get me outta here!  NO!!! It isn’t!  It can’t be!!  JANUARY 1st  2014 !
This can only mean one thing.  And it’s not good.
O.K.  This year no  more unkeepable  resolutions (cleaning the fridge, mopping the floor, eating less,  ha ha! ).  This year I simply resolve that I shall come higher than 12th place on Wii Mario Cart.
Hey, it’ll be  a cinch, right??


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